Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bowhunter must weep at this one

Mod-Blog friend, Bowhunter, has told us a number of stories about run-ins with animal rights extremists during his hunts. So, it came as no surprise to see that in Redding, there was another clash between bowhunters and landowners over the fate of a dead deer.

For those unfamiliar with the law in CT, Bowhunters - unlike firearms hunters - are allowed to hunt near residential properties. An arrow flies such a short distance (and standard bowhunting technique is to shoot DOWN at a deer, further shortening the distance the arrow can fly) that there are few worries about friendly fire. The hunter, after making a hit, is expected to follow the wounded deer until they can painlessly euthanize it. If the path takes them across private property, they are required to secure the permission of the landowner before following the trail across that property.

In this case, the deer died on private property. The hunters then came to the home-owner to request permission, and were denied it. The carcass is there, rotting, to this day. The homeowners view it as "a crime scene" and are hoping a natural predator comes along to eat it.

I can't help wondering whether it is logical to prefer a large predator like a wolf, coyote, or mountain lion in one's yard, over a human hunter who has to answer to legal authorities.

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BH said...

it almost doesn't seem to matter what the subject matter or which class or society the subject comes from - ignorance and fear = stupidity

These people are beyond stupid.