Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Google releases the/a Google Phone

Nexus OneDespite claims that "Google will not compete with our vendors", today Google released the NexusOne, an Android-based phone endorsed and sold by Google (although made by HTC). This new device is designed to be the most advanced Android phone to date with AndroidOS 2.1, a 1 GHz processor, and 512 MB of active RAM (only 1.5 GB of storage space, though). It will be sold on Google's own site either unlocked or with plans from T-Mobile or Verizon (or Vodaphone overseas). Early reviews are fairly enthusiastic, though not without negatives, and have some tech journalists talking about abandoning the iPhone (although the fact that Google gave them out free may have influenced that decision). It may be the first phone to truly challenge the iPhone - although we were saying that about Droid only a month ago.

My own thought is a real competitor to the iPhone can only be a good thing for the market. We had hoped the Palm Pre would mount a real challenge, but sales have not kept up with expectations. We had hoped past Android phones would spur on Apple to excellence, but none have captured the public. And the less said about Windows Mobile and Nokia, the better. Here's hoping Apple and Google can truly drive a revolution in wireless phones and portable computing.

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