Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Revealed: the Apple iPad

The short version: 9.7" touchscreen tablet computer running a variant of the iPhoneOS. Wifi or Wifi+3G on board. Running a custom 1 GHz Apple A4 chip with 16, 32, or 64 GB flash memory. Runs iPhone apps without modifications. Includes a new iBookstore. Pricing from $499 to $829. Available in 60 days for Wifi, 90 days for 3g (which costs an added $14.95/month).


Ward said...

I hate to say it, but wow...Am I unimpressed by this. Yay...A 9 inch iphone. Not at all what I was hoping it might be. Oh well, at least now I don't have to worry about saving up for it.

Nomad said...

I think it is amusing how all of the hard-core Mac guys are underestimating this device. I think within a year you'll have turned around on it. It is more of a game-changer than is immediately obvious. It's not just a big iPhone. It is your computer-when-I'm-away-from-a-desk.

But I could be wrong. I doubt it, but it is possible.

Ward said...

You're wrong ;-)

It's a 9 inch iphone that I can't even make calls on. Their selling point seems to be that you can sit on the couch and browse media easily. But I can already do that with my laptop. And then, when I want to work on a story...yup there is my laptop again. And if I want to play a game...yup, laptop. I see no reason to switch to the iPad, it can't do anything that my iphone or laptop can't do better.

The two reasons I will not be coming around to this piece of garbage is 1)iphone operating system and 2)no keyboard. The OS if fine for the the iphone but it's not a full system in anyway that can convince me to keep it around over my laptop. And there is no way I'm gonna type out anything lengthy (Say a blog comment...) on that keyboard.

It just does too little to be worth the money.