Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Briefcase-toting Commuter Bike

One of my dreams is someday to have a job where I can bike to work.  (Unless I get the dream job where I can work from home full-time, maybe on the Great American Novel.)  But for now, that would be a 33 to 40 mile ride each way - not really doable twice a day, every day. But for millions, biking to work is not only a good idea but a way to save money and stay fit.  

A problem which has plagued work-riders for years has been the question of what to do with your briefcase.  A whole industry of backpacks, messenger bags, saddlebags, and hybrid bags have sprung up around this problem.  But what if you could simply slot your briefcase into the bike itself?  One company dared to dream, and made it a reality!  I wonder if they have a Camelbak pack fit for hot coffee, too?

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shadowmom1 said...

This is great. I can see you finding an excuse to buy one, even though you can't ride it to work. :-)