Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Share the Road.Org

posted a few weeks back that Connecticut is not a good place to bike.  The fact is, riding the trails is great, but the issue is riding the roads.  For years, cyclists have tried to get the CT DOT to improve roads, create bike lanes, and put programs into place to increase awareness among drivers.  I have one friend who has faced irate/aggressive drivers here, who has been run off the road no less than a dozen times.  (One time, by a soccer-mom who saw it as her civic duty to "teach him a lesson" that bikes were not allowed on roads.)

Finally, Connecticut is starting to get serious about cyclists and encouraging bikes as alternative transport.  To that end, they have created a new website which collects the rules of the road, and reiterates the important principles for cars and bikes to share the road.  Combined with an bus-ad campaign, hopefully this will make it better to roam on two wheels in the Constitution State.

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