Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Changes for Lucasarts?

There is a rumor, and hopefully it will get no further than that, that Lucasarts is about to abandon many external development projects. TFU3 is already the first major victim of Meegan's still young reign at Lucas. But apparently it might not be the only.

We've also been told that another sweeping change made by Meegan is that the majority of "external" development of Lucasarts properties is coming to an end, with BioWare's Old Republic MMO to be the last game not developed internally at Lucasarts. That would presumably mean, for example, no more LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Indiana Jones titles after the upcoming LEGO: Clone Wars, as those have all been handled by Traveller's Tales.
So big changes could be in the future for Star Wars games. Personally, I pray that this rumor is either false or overblown. Lucasarts has barely managed to maintain any standing among gamers in the past decade and it is really due to the work of third-party developers such as Bioware that the company has made positive gains. I would hate to see them return to the lower quality games and the marginalization of Lucasarts that were a part of their past.


Ron said...

I was really hoping for a KOTOR III.

Ward said...

You and a few million other KOTOR fans.

But if this happens, it appears that The Old Republic MMO will have to fulfill our need for everything KOTOR related ><