Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Cordoba Mosque

It's certainly a tricky situation and one that really highlights the cultural and political struggles ahead of us in the coming century. Rod Dreher lays out a very thoughtful essay on the question without lowering himself to the bitterness that has defined much of the debate. It's a lengthy read, but well worth it.


CRCHAIR said...

To me, the Mosque is not an issue of rights. Everyone agrees that they have a "right" to build the mosque there. (As long as it is approved by zoning.) The issue to me is that they shouldn't build it there. Having a mosque there will make NYC no more safe than it is today. We have seen in Iraq and other places in the world that terrorists are willing to bomb mosques so it wouldn't stop them from doing it here. The Muslim community in NYC could have had a public relations victory by coming together to say that even though they could build one there, they would not out of respect for those who worked and died at the site. That would have fostered warmer feelings toward the NYC Muslim community than the proposed "Community Center" ever could.

"Nick" said...

I agree, it isn't a question of whether they can, of course they can. And actually, I have no strong feelings either way. It isn't "sacred ground" to me (and I was in NYC on 9/11/01). If I had been on the zoning board, or in any way approving this, I would have to say yes. But I probably would have cautioned them that it would cause a huge PR problem for the Muslim community everywhere, not just in NYC. This PR firestorm was not a hard thing to see happening.

I can't help but think that whoever started the process was either 1.) incredibly naive, to the point of stupidity, to think it wouldn't cause this firestorm and backlash against the Muslim community, or 2.) wanted to start the firestorm for some reason or other.

Anyway, again, I really could care less if they build it there. I think they have a right to do so, but they also have to accept the consequences of doing so, which is a huge public outcry against it.