Wednesday, September 01, 2010

California judges plastic bags more important than budget crisis

If you're a politician facing re-election with a crushing budget deficit, impossible budget, and hard decisions that require strength and fortitude, what do you do? In California, you change the subject.

Supporters of AB1998 say the 19 billion plastic bags Californians use every year harm the environment and cost the state $25 million annually to collect and transport to landfills.
"California is poised to lead a national movement against plastic bag pollution that is injuring and killing marine life and imposing a costly blight on our land," said the bill's author, Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, D-Santa Monica.
The ban, if eventually signed into law, would take effect in supermarkets and large retail stores in 2012. It would apply to smaller stores in 2013.
Here's hoping Republicans - especially the governor - are able to call Democratic lawmakers on this attempt at sleight-of-hand. California needs legislators and executives ready to make tough choices, not politicians ready to run away to "easy" wins.

I am curious to hear what our Caliornian Mod-Bloggers and readers think of this.

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quizwedge said...

They've been trying to pass this for a long time. We're now on our third(?) year in a row with a late budget. It's a mockery of the people they're supposed to represent. The biggest irony is that paper bags really aren't better for the environment than plastic bags. If we weren't in so much trouble as a state, it'd be almost funny.