Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Apple revamps all iPods, Apple TV

If you missed today's Apple Event(liveblog, video, here are the high points:

  • iTunes 10 announced with new "Ping" social network
  • New (tiny) iPod Shuffle
  • New (tiny) touchscreen iPod Nano
  • New (full sized) iPod Touch with HD camera and FaceTime
  • New Apple TV with streaming, including NetFlix
  • iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iOS 4.2 for iPad with bug fixes, Game Center, and Apple TV integration
Overall, a jam-packed keynote. My quick impressions:
  • Unimpressed with "Ping" - I don't need ANOTHER social network
  • iPod Nano seems almost too small. Teens will miss the camera from the last model.
  • iPod Touch with Cameras will kill the Flip Video market completely. Worthy upgrade.
  • New AppleTV looks nice, but I think I like Roku HD better.
  • Looking forward to iOS 4.1, but 4.2 on iPad may be too late coming in November.
What were your thoughts?

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CRCHAIR said...

I think the Nano will be a hit, but different from the current generation. I think the Nano is very hip looking. With so many teens with cell phones, don't think they will miss the camera very much.