Friday, January 07, 2011

39% of Pregnancies in NYC End in Abortion?!

I really, really, really hope this is a case of a statistic taken out of context and misunderstood. Because the idea that almost 40 out of every 100 fetuses in NYC are aborted is just monstrous. Whether you're Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, can we all agree that abortion should be a last resort and not commonplace?!

In 2009, there were 225,667 pregnancies in the City with 126,774 resulting in live births and 87,273 resulting in abortions. In addition to those abortion numbers, there were 11,620 spontaneous terminations.
Forty-six percent of all births in the Bronx result in abortions—the highest among the five boroughs, according to the report.
Blacks had the highest number of abortions with 40,798 with Hispanics having the second highest at 28,364, according to the report.


Mrs. Bowhunter said...

I just will never understand the act of abortion. I look at my children and see them as a blessing everyday. Babies are just so special and precious.
The other thing I don't understand is what are these people doing having unprotected sex. Is there no fear of AIDS or other horrible diseases? I just don't get it.

CRCHAIR said...

It is so sad.