Saturday, January 08, 2011

If you want to get hired, keep this in mind...

In this economy, odds are you are either (1) seeking a job or (2) clinging to the job you have with both hands. That means roughly half of our Mod-Blog readership may be in the job market at the moment. So, an article with tips on how not to sabotage yourself at an interiew seems timely!

If you're asked to offer up your personal weaknesses, answer the question: "Don't say things like 'I don't know when to leave to go home,' 'I'm too dedicated,' and 'I tend to accumulate too many accomplishments.' It makes me want to throw up when I hear that. I'm interested in your honest responses."

And if you really don't want the job:

"The most problematic job candidate I had was someone who knew the CEO of the company, and made sure to tell that to the interviewer at least three times during the interview."
Having been an interviewer more recently than an interviewee, one other tip I'd put out there is to be polite and considerate to everyone. I have had candidates seek out the "important person" in the room and speak only to him/her, ignoring and/or refusing to make eye contact with anyone else. Since "anyone else" probably includes your future peers, this was always an instant red flag for me.

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