Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is the future of Magazines a Netflix-like service?

This is a very interesting idea, and one that had not occurred to me. Interested to see what a newspaper/magazine industry veteran like Sean thinks of this.

Imagine if you could pay $10-$15 per month to have access to the daily editions of hundreds of newspapers, or the latest issue of any magazine that crosses your mind. Yes, publishers would need to get used to running with lower profit margins than they'd like. But those margins are going to get thinner every year unless the industry finds some way to meet the digital age head on.

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Russell said...

I still like my magazines. At our house we have 4 magazine subscriptions. Three are pay magazines and one is an industry freebee. The internet is great but holding a well produced product where the information and articles you want have already been compiled, sorted and edited is worth something to me. I can't find the quality or depth of article that I am looking for on the internet. Besides that if I was doing the searching I would miss new trends and new ideas.

I believe this to be true with hobby magazines and industry mags (specific interest). I do not believe the same is true for the Newsweeks out there.