Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Thinking Behind the Narnia Movies

I don't bring it up much here, but I am a major C.S. Lewis fan. His work was a major formative influence on my philosophy and theology. And I have really enjoyed the "Chronicles of Narnia"movies, despite their faults. So, I was glad to see a new interview on Christianity Today discussing Dawn Treader, and where the franchise is going next.

So what kind of reaction are you getting from those people about Dawn Treader?
There's agreement that we are getting things right thematically. In terms of Reepicheep with that Aslan-size hole in his heart, getting that right. In terms of Eustace talking about no matter how hard I tried I couldn't do it myself, the idea that redemption is something that has to be given; it can't be earned. For the most part people have agreed that we've done a good job with those themes.


Sean said...

I thought Dawn Treader was well done, though I did have a few problems with it. Eustace's transformation from Dragon to human wasn't handled right IMO. That's one of my favorite scenes in all of the Narnia books, so I'm pretty picky about it. Other than that, I agree they're doing a good job with the stories. Wondering why they chose to do Magician's Nephew next and not any of the others - simply because it's a prequel.

Nomad said...

The article actually somewhat explains that. Every movie has had a boxoffice comparable to book sales. The next in line - The Silver Chair - has the lowest sales of ANY book (and thus would likely destroy the franchise) whereas The Magicians Nephew is second only to TLTWATW for sales. Thus, it is a way to (potentially) reinvigorate the franchise, and get the suits back on board with trying to make the next few books which are more challenging to see as money-makers (i.e. Silver Chair as mentioned earlier and A HORSE AND HIS BOY which is completely out of order from the rest of the books).