Friday, October 28, 2011

iOS 5 Tips: All of Siri's commands

Today's post is not one of my own creations/discoveries, but something I have had a lot of people asking about. Siri - available only on the iPhone 4S for now - is a virtual assistant, who can respond to voice commands to do a large number of functions for you. But she can't do everything. So, what kinds of things can she do? What kinds of things will she respond to? CydiaHelp.Com has compiled a useful list of which I excerpt only a tiny portion below.

Requesting reminders
Remind me to call mom
Remind me to call my mom when I get home
Remember to take an umbrella
Remind me take my medicine at 6am tomorrow
Remind me to pick up flowers when I leave here
Remind me when I leave to call Jason
Remind me to finish the report by 6

Checking Stocks
What’s Apple’s stock price?
What is Apple’s PE ratio?
What did Yahoo close at today?
How is the Nikkei doing?
How are the markets doing?
What is the Dow at?

Checking the Forecast
What’s the weather for today?
What’s the weather for tomorrow?
Will it rain in Cupertino this week?
Check next week’s forecast for Burlington
What’s the forecast for this evening?
How’s the weather in Tampa right now?
The search capabilities of Google, Yelp, and Wolfram Alpha are the biggest wildcards. This is a window in a whole world of information. For instance, if you say "I have a flat tire", then Siri will look up towing services in the area. Or if you ask "What is the capital of Uganda?" it will look that up using Wolfram Alpha. I recommend playing a bit with it, until you get comfortable with the kinds of info she has available to you.

Also, keep in mind Siri's language parsing is server-side, so Apple may be able to add new functions in between releases of iOS.

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