Tuesday, December 20, 2011

iTunes Problem: Won't add new items to library

I ran across a problem this morning and after scouring the internet found NO ONE who had an answer. So, I am posting it here in case anyone else has a similar problem in the future.

Running: iTunes 10.5.2 under MacOS X 10.7.2

Triggering Event: Due to my own lack of attention, I allowed my hard drive to run out of space. When iTunes tried to update its library file, it was unable to do anything due to lack of space and posted an error something like "Unable to complete operation because the file can not be found." (At the time, I did not know this would cause a larger issue, so I did not capture the exact text.)

Symptoms: After this point, new media (movies, TV shows, music) could not be added to my iTunes library. I could drag it onto the window, download it via Home Share, etc. - and it would go to the right folder - but it would never show as part of my library. Attempts to manually run the media via drag-and-drop from the file system were successful, but they were not visible in iTunes nor by AppleTV.

Resolution: It appears that the problem was a corrupted "iTunes Library.itl" file. To correct:

1. I identified the time of the last successful add to my iTunes library (select the movie, and select File/Get Info, check the Info tab)
2. I closed iTunes
3. I went to the folder %hard drive%/Users/%username%/Music/iTunes
4. I located the current "iTunes Library.itl" file
5. I renamed the file to "iTunes Libary Bad.itl"
6. I used Time Machine to navigate back to my backups to a time just AFTER that successful add.
7. I selected the "iTunes Library.itl" file from the backup, seleted it, clicked [RESTORE] (lower right of your screen)
8. When asked where to place it, I selected the same folder from step #3
9. There was a pause while the file was retrieved from backup
10. I opened iTunes and noticed all of my settings were back to before the hard drive issue
11. I went to %hard drive%/Users/%username%/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music
12. I located the media I wanted back in my library (movies are in the "Movies" folder INSIDE the "iTunes Music folder")
13. I dragged and dropped the media onto the iTunes window
14. The media appeared correctly in the window

That's it. Hope this is useful to someone, someday.

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