Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy MacWorld!

MacWorld officially began yesterday, but today is the "Stevenote" - the annual keynote presentation by Steve Jobs which is traditionally used to announce Apple's biggest products. Last year, it was used to formally announce the iPhone.

This year, the rumor ecosystem is rife with speculation: an ultraportable MacBook, a Mac tablet PC, a souped-up AppleTV (with BluRay or TV recording built-in), online movie rentals, a 3G iPhone, and "Product X - a new game-changer" have all been posited. For now, all we know is that Apple has posted banners which proclaim "Something is in the Air."

Click here for a liveblog of the Stevenote as it happens at 9 AM PST (12 noon EST). It will automatically detect an iPhone or iPod Touch and format itself appropriately.


Rob Fay said...

Well, I've been holding off getting the iPhone and placing a lot of stock in today's announcements. Really hoping for 3G but not too optimistic.

CRCHAIR said...

Woohoo!!! MacWorld!!!!

Sean said...

Current MacLust:
1) Macbook Air
2) Time Capsule

Nomad said...

Time Capsule is what tempts me. The MacBook air is clever, surely, but I'd really miss the DVD drive. I really wish they'd done something else "Air"ish with it, like integrating WiMax or cellular radio in it standard.

But that is just me.