Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MacWorld Realities

The "SteveNote" is done and he announced:
- The new "Time Capsule" - an Airport Extreme with a built-in Hard Drive for TimeMachine to backup to wirelessly
- An upgrade to the iPhone software which brings pseudo-GPS along with other new features
- An upgrade to the iPod Touch which brings iPhone apps to it
- The iPhone SDK (which will actually release in February)
- An upgrade to the AppleTV software which brings iTunes Store integration and Flickr integration (and a price drop)
- The New MacBook Air, which is an ultrathin laptop with no optical drive and an entirely green production method.

Interesting. I still would rather have seen changes to AppleTV to integrate it with over-the-air (or over-cable) TV technology, but I never really expected that to come to pass. My only real fault of the thing is that it will cost iPod Touch owners $20 to get the iPhone apps. This makes NO sense, since there was no incremental cost to deploy them there (people have had jailbroken iPod Touches using these apps since day 1).

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Sean said...

I thought the iPod Touch upgrade cost was odd as well. I'm more inclined to buy an iPhone with the new maps features. Though I'll probably still end up with a Palm Centro.

In terms of what I would most like, the Air is something I'd like. I don't use my optical drive much, so the lack of one isn't that big of a problem for me. The remote optical drive is interesting though.

I like the idea of Time Capsule. I'm not sure about the built in Airport. I have wireless set up in my apartment via a 3rd party router that works well with both my iBook and pc. If Airport works well with non-Apple products then Time Capsule might be something worth buying for me. The primary reason I don't back up as often as I'd like is that I have to remember to plug in my external hard drive. I guess, I have some research to perform.