Wednesday, May 21, 2008

iPhone 3G releases June 9?

Many sites are now reporting that the iPhone 3G, a.k.a. iPhone 2.0, will launch on June 9. This allegedly has been confirmed by "inside sources" and matches other leaks found on fringe sites. This is exciting news, if true. I love my iPhone and the overall user experience. I have even caused a few friends and family members to get ones of their own.

I won't say that I will upgrade immediately. But I will mention I may have a used iPhone 1.0 for sale soon.


Sean said...

i love the attempt to prove that you have any restraint what-so-ever when it comes to apple products, but we all know that 6.9.08 will be the day Nomad gets a new iPhone. ;)

Nomad said...

Realistically, probably the following Saturday or Sunday, unless I get an excuse to drive to Farmington or Danbury Apple Stores. But I think your point still holds. :D

Ward said...

Too bad about the timing...If you were ready earlier, I might have been able to convince Muse to let me have a new toy when we see you guys =)~